Meiki no Hinkaku

After seven years of research in collaboration with doctors and specialists, Meiki no Hinkaku is our most realistic onahole yet and is designed using 3D technology. With amazingly soft and supple material and TWO versions to suit your needs, Meiki no Hinkaku will make you think you're grinding in the real thing. Both versions come in nice large sizes for a good grip and universal stretch fit (even for well-endowed men), and are presented in a classic Japanese-style wooden box for storage. Meiki no Hinkaku is one of the most popular onahole in Japan, and has created its own unique market for realistic, stylish onaholes.

Meiki Korin - Pure Hip

This is the onahole for the gentleman who likes major, large-scale models. The Meiki Korin Onahole is a realistically sized, heavy piece of ass that will make you feel like you are inside exactly where you want to be. Each of the two passages are individually styled and crafted. You will love exploring your way into the depths of these snug nooks and crannies.

Meiki's Honor

The Meiki's Honor is all the best parts of a woman in one sweet, soft, and lovable piece. The big sister to our bestselling Meiki no Hinkaku, the Meiki's Honor is more weighty and solid, and her perfectly-formed rear is a great visual as you're pumping away. It's easy to get a two-hand grip on her big, round, all-silicone shape, and you can take your pick of the conventional love tunnel, with a multichamber shape and hundreds of densely-packed love nubs, or the tight, winding anal passageway. The Meiki series is really the last word in luxury onaholes: once you've experienced the premium materials, innovative design, and attention to detail in these babies, it's hard to go back to anything else.